BlackBerry cuts 250 jobs at its Canadian HQ


Redundancies in its product testing and R&D units part of manufacturer’s continued strategy to cut costs

BlackBerry has cut 250 jobs at its head office in Ontario, Canada, as it continues to focus on cutting costs and returning the company to long-term profitability.

Those being made redundant are part of the manufacturer’s product testing unit, which is a team supporting its manufacturing and R&D facilities.

As part of its long-term strategy, BlackBerry cut 5,000 jobs last year. As of March 2, it had around 12,700 full-time employees.

The latest cuts come following the resignation of executive VP of enterprise mobile computing David Smith, who is leaving for personal reasons.

On June 28, BlackBerry reported its financial results for Q1 ending June 1, which showed that it had made a loss of $84 million, with customer numbers falling four million to 72 million. Its shares plummeted 28 per cent to $10.46 as the New York Stock Exchange closed on that day.

Smartphone shipments were up 13 per cent to 6.8 million. Of these 40 per cent, or 2.7 million, were BlackBerry 10 devices, up from the one million units shipped in the previous quarter.

BlackBerry PlayBook shipments fell to 100,000 units, 270,000 less than it shipped in the previous three month period and down from the 260,000 figure posted in the same quarter last year.

President and CEO Thorsten Heins revealed the PlayBook will not be run BlackBerry 10, although it would continue support the product on the existing software platform.