The People’s Operator launches campaign with children’s charity


Charity MVNO will donate £1 to The Children’s Heart Foundation for every user that hits the ‘like’ button on its Facebook page

The People’s Operator (TPO) has partnered with The Children’s Heart Foundation (CHF) to launch a campaign that will see money donated to the charity.

Each time someone clicks the ‘like’ button on the TPO Facebook page, it will donate £1 to the children’s heart charity.

It said it is hoping the funds raised will help support CHF’s campaign for all newborn babies in the UK to be screened for a range of heart conditions.

TPO co-founder and CEO Mark Epstein said: ‘The People’s Operator is proud to be partnering with the Children’s Heart Federation to help raise both money and awareness for their great cause. TPO is all about turning something you do every day into a force for good.”

BHF family services manager Samantha Johnson added: “We are very grateful to The People’s Operator for their generosity. We encourage all Facebook users who want to help children in the UK with heart conditions to support this campaign.”