Vodafone to offer ‘Red’ unlimited packages on PAYG


Prepay scheme to allow customers unlimited texts and calls plus 1GB data from £30 

Vodafone has brought its Red bundle scheme to pay as you go customers, offering unlimited minutes and texts along with varying levels of data.

The ‘Red Freedom Freebee’ offers begin at £30 for 30 days of unlimited minutes and texts plus 1GB of data, ramping up to a 2GB plan costing £40.

The operator also announced a refresh to its basic Freedom Freebee packages, which now offer 150 minutes, unlimited texts and 250MB of data for £10 or 500 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB of data for £20.

All of the offers come with Vodafone’s loyalty points scheme ‘Freebee Rewardz’, which allows users to claim prizes such as free DVD rental.

Vodafone head of pay as you go Sten van der Ham said: “Pay as you go customers want to enjoy the freedom of using their smartphone to talk, text, tweet or surf the internet. They want to talk with or text whoever they want, whenever they want, without having to worry about what’s left in their allowance.”