Video Conferencing Among UC Supported on Smart Desk Phone


Inspired by the demand for flexible working, globalisation and face to face collaboration through any device, Tecdesk has incorporated video conferencing among a host of the latest UC requirements supported on the world’s first Android desk phone. Alongside the unique Fixed Wireless Phone benefits of low Capex with no wired setup and infrastructure costs, and low Opex savings as a result of operating on a user’s choice of SIM card, the device presents a significant opportunity for the reseller across vertical markets.

With a plethora of smartphone features and apps available on the Android platform, the Tecdesk Smart 5500 combines support for the major UC trend of conference calls, with others such as the Cloud as well as Mobility as an FWP.

As communication branches out to the trend for collaboration, the need for conference calls between a variety of devices has increasingly become central to the enterprise communication mix.

Tecdesk’s answer is a resource platform with a 5” LCD touchscreen display, a simple user friendly interface, reliable 3MP camera and the option of Conference Call key or downloadable VoIP apps from Skype to Tango, Viber to Numbuzz BV. The world’s first desk phone call recording function can even be used to store and recall meeting details. Such a strong Telepresence credential stands to make it an essential and natural companion to conduct meetings at the desk.

Alongside Telepresence the smart desk phone covers a comprehensive range of UC capabilities. Call Control for example is central and apart from the Call Record feature, is exhibited with a number of other dedicated function keys that deliver a high level of call management.

Another major integrated UC component is Presence technology. Virtual Presence on the Tecdesk Smart 5500 makes it possible to check the availability of colleagues with coloured LED indicators which reflect “Available” “Engaged” and “Do Not Disturb” statuses.

The world’s first fully electronic Virtual Presence expansion module can also be added. Up to three modules containing 20 contacts each can be attached, allowing the user permanent awareness of the availability of their closest collaborators and immediate reach of all of their most important associates through dedicated contact quick dial keys.

The Tecdesk Smart 5500 also supports the market revolutionising and core UC component of Instant Messaging through its Android platform. Mediums such as WhatsApp are increasingly popular in business due to a full array of features such as group chat. Unified Messaging such as SMS also adds to the distinct thoroughness of the device.

Tecdesk CEO Jay Pau says “By incorporating support for major UC components such as Conference Calls and Presence on an Android platform, the Tecdesk Smart 5500 offers a revolutionary level of convergence on the desk phone, and addresses an increasingly core business need for flexibility and collaborative features on a convenient platform.

Together with the key FWP benefits of quick setup and low Capex and Opex, the Smart 5500 represents a significant opportunity for the reseller across vertical markets.”

The Smart desk phone is the latest in Tecdesk’s range of FWP devices, which has a developed a reputation for a host of call management capabilities suitable to a variety of markets and
cost-effective price-points.

Tecdesk clients include companies such as Vodafone and Orange, and corporations such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi are already embracing the integration of products for greater efficiency and delivery.

Tecdesk is part of the Santok Group with over 20 years of experience in the telecoms and technology industry.

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