Twenty hurt in Seoul as LG promo stunt backfires


LG cancels a series of promotional events for new G2 smartphone due to safety concerns

Twenty smartphone fans have been injured at a promotional event held by LG in South Korea to celebrate the release of its latest G2 handset (pictured), which was unveiled in New York last week.

Local reports claim that people arrived to the ‘G in the Cloud’ event in Seoul last Friday armed with BB guns and knives on sticks in a race to obtain vouchers that were attached to 100 helium balloons.

As the balloons were released, the crowd surged forward in an effort to grab the vouchers. The 5.2-inch G2 smartphones, which sell for KRW 950,000 in South Korea (£550), would be given to people in possession of the vouchers.

LG has cancelled other planned events because of safety concerns. The manufacturer has also said it will cover the medical costs of those hurt who went to hospital.