4G users shop and stream more, according to EE


The operators ‘mobile living index’ shows 4G customers use their mobiles for traditionally fixed line activities

EE has said 4G has sparked an “evolution” in the way customers use their mobile phones, with subscribers to the super fast service using their devices for traditionally fixed line activities.

The operator’s ‘mobile living index’, published today (August 19) has found one in three customers are streaming more video over 4G than they did using 3G, with BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Sky Go the most commonly used TV services.

Video downloading, uploading and streaming makes up 26 per cent of network traffic over 4G, with YouTube accounting for 14 per cent alone. Streaming peaks during morning and evening commuting hours, at lunchtime and throughout the evening, EE said.

4G has also encouraged m-commerce, the operator said, with 71 per cent using their 4G smartphone or tablet to shop. Men are three times more likely than women to spend over £200 a month via their mobile.

EE’s chief technology officer Fotis Karonis said: “A large proportion of activity on our 3G network is web browsing. But on 4G customers enjoy traditionally fixed line activities such as shopping, watching movies and catching up with TV on their mobiles. It is a real evolution, with a quarter of our customers now spending more than three hours a day on the mobile internet.”

The operator revealed that for the first time in the UK, the data uploaded on its network surpassed downloads at major events including the London marathon and Margaret Thatchers funeral.

It predicts data volumes over social media sites will increase tenfold by 2015.