Micro-P to spend £15,000 to help fixed and IT resellers move into mobile airtime


Distributor prepares for launch of new programme with investment and training schemes

Micro-P is to invest up to £15,000 in businesses looking to sell mobile airtime for the first time.

The move is part of the distributor’s new ‘Complete Conect’ programme which launches next month and is aimed predominantly at fixed-line and IT resellers.

Micro-P general manager of mobile airtime Simon Slater (pictured) told Mobile News partners signing up to Complete Conect will receive six months of “intensive” training from a dedicated member of support staff to help with the transition to mobile. Resellers will also be given relevant marketing material to help drive airtime sales within their business.

Investment is expected to  amount to around £15,000 per reseller.

Three dealers have been signed up for the September launch, with a further three being added in each subsequent quarter.

Slater said: “We are in the market for the long haul, and we want to work with partners who can grow and who can build their business alongside ours.

“No targets will be set in terms of connection numbers. The idea is we will provide them with all the tools they need for success in that area, and hopefully the results will show this was a wise move.”

Complete Conect will run alongside Micro-P’s £150,000 ‘Conect’ programme which was launched in March to help traditional mobile airtime dealers break into the IT and fixed markets.
The firm currently has 35 airtime resellers signed up to Conect and is targeting around 2,000 connections per month by the end of the year.