Google unveils Android KitKat operating system


Android 4.4 will be named after a chocolate bar, the company has revealed, and it has signed a marketing deal with its makers Nestle

Google has called the latest version of its Android operating system ‘KitKat’ after the chocolate bar.

Android KitKat is version 4.4 of the search engine’s mobile software and is expected to launch in October.

Its name was announced by Google’s head of Android Sundar Pichai, who tweeted a picture of an Android made of KitKat chocolate outside its offices.

“We now have over one billion Android activations and hope this guy in front of the buildings keeps that momentum going,” said Pichai.

The company has signed a marketing deal with KitKat maker Nestle which will see those who purchase four-fingered versions of the chocolate bar given the chance to win an Android tablet.