EE switches on 4G at intu Trafford Centre in Manchester


Wireless Infrastructure Group working with EE to deploy new networks at various sites over the next 18 months

EE has teamed up with Wireless Infrastructure Group (WIG) to launch 4G mobile services at the intu Trafford Centre in Manchester.

The service will enable the Trafford Centre’s 31 million annual visitors to access faster mobile internet, with the premises becoming the first shopping centre in the UK to have its own 4G infrastructure.

The network, built by WIG, has been designed to support mobile signals from all mobile operators. WIG is working with the mobile operator to deploy new networks in numerous sites throughout the UK over the next 18 months.

EE chief technology officer Fotis Karonis said: “We’re focused on bringing 4G to the whole country, and that goes beyond where people live and work to include spaces like the intu Trafford Centre in Manchester that are about leisure and retail. We know that shoppers want to stay connected, keeping in touch with friends, sharing on social media and checking online retail sites, and our 4G rollout is about connecting people where they need it most.”

WIG CEO Scott Coates added: The vast majority of mobile data traffic is based indoors and delivering service to venues like intu Trafford Centre can be a challenge. Building a network to meet this challenge has only been possible through our investment and the support of EE and intu.  The network can support signals from all mobile operators and is the first in a long list of public spaces that we’ll be installing the systems – helping to make the UK more digital and boosting the UK’s digital economy.”