EE wins Asda Mobile MVNO deal from Vodafone


Supermarket to sell contract, prepay and SIM-only deals from late October, using the operator’s 2G and 3G networks 

EE has won the rights from Vodafone to be Asda Mobile’s MVNO network operator. The deal goes live towards the end of October.

Asda Mobile has used Vodafone’s network since its establishment in April 2007, selling prepay and SIM-only deals. EE will now also offer monthly contract deals. Further details on the MVNO will be revealed in the coming weeks.

The new agreement builds on EE’s existing partnerships with Asda, including white labelled in-store Wi-Fi across the supermarket’s retail estate, as well as mobile services to its employees.

EE is working with Asda to provide it with public Wi-Fi across its entire estate of 568 stores and its head office in Leeds. The operator said the free Asda-branded service has already attracted nearly half a million sign-ups.

In addition, EE has supplied 700 Apple iPads to stores and depots to help Asda employees handle administrative work more quickly and easily. It allows them to access internal apps and store planning from anywhere in store, which is also supported by Wi-Fi. It has provided seven hours back to store managers each week.

EE non-consumer chief marketing officer Gerry McQuade said: “Our partnership with Asda is a great example of how EE can provide integrated solutions that help businesses keep their colleagues and customers better connected, wherever they are.”

Asda retail director Mark Ibbotson added: “EE already provides excellent service to our customers and colleagues by providing free WiFi in store, and through our business to business contract. So this mobile partnership felt like the next logical step.

“Our decision to take our MVNO business to EE was driven by our ambition to further improve the experience for Asda Mobile customers, and offering even better value.”


    • Read the FAQ section on Asda Mobile web site and you’ll find all the answers. Basically you can use up any credit by April 2014 before switching and take your number with you. If phone is locked to Vodafone then you’ll need to unlock it, may cost something but savings on new deal should soom pay for it.

  1. If that’s true, then what happens to all the people with a ‘locked to ASDA’ phone?.. They sold plenty of them.

    I have a Nok6310 thats locked to vodafone so I’m in the same boat.

    • You should switch to Sainsbury mobile. they use Vodafone network and its 8p/min compared to Asda at 10p/min

      Sainsbury Mobile just launched. I think Vodafone is going with Sainsburys rather than Asda.

      Asda mobile piss off customers. If you have to switch to new EE based SIM might as well go with Sainsbiry basic or Tesco Lite nth at 8p/min.

  2. So, what happens to those of us using the ASDA SIM in a phone that’s locked to the Vodafone network?

    Presumably, we’re screwed, and they keep our remaining credit?