MoCo likely to get Daisy rebrand, MD reveals


Airtime distributor says there is “definitely a distinct possibility” the change will occur following the acquisition in June

Daisy Group says it is likely that recently acquired airtime distributor MoCo will be rebranded.

The telecoms firm bought the O2 Centre of Excellence partner in June, the third acquisition of an airtime distribution in its history.

It bought Anglia Telecom Centres for £17 million in August 2009 and Fone Logistics for £3.6 million in June 2010.

The two were merged in January 2011 to form Daisy Distribution.

Daisy Distribution managing director Dave McGinn told Mobile News last week there is “definitely a distinct possibility” that MoCo will be rebranded as the firm does not feel it is necessary to have a separate brand.

McGinn said: “We are still looking into rebranding MoCo but it is definitely a distinct possibility that it will happen.

“We don’t necessarily need another brand out in the marketplace so we are more favourable towards a complete rebrand.

“We’re not completely ruling out keeping the brand, but it would make much more sense to come under our brand.”

Internal restructure
McGinn also revealed MoCo’s head office will remain in its home town of Rochester, but  will switch to smaller premises.

McGinn said MoCo has 15 employees in an office space of around 10,000 square feet.

He said: “We will still have a presence in Rochester but we’ll be moving staff to a different office. Our current premises are too big for the number of staff we have.”