Recycled phone prices fall for the first time

882 research shows the average price has dropped from £114 to £108 in the past 12 months, and expects prices to fall to £100 by the end of this year 

The average price paid by mobile phone recyclers for handsets has fallen for the first time, according to

Research by the comparison site’s shows the average price has dropped from £114 to £108 in the past year, the first fall since it first began collecting data in 2007.

Average prices have increased year on year from £20 in 2007, peaking at £114 in 2012. The firm expects prices to fall further to around £100 by the end of 2013.

It claimed the decline can be attributed in part to websites, such as Gumtree and eBay, through which handsets can be sold for higher prices than those offered by the recyclers. The falling cost of smartphones is also a key factor, the firm said.

A spokesperson said: “As more affordable smartphones enter the market at lower price points, we expect to see the average price of a mobile level off around the £100 mark by the end of the year.”

Most recycled

Apple is the most frequently recycled brand so far in 2013, the firm said, with 35 per cent of the market. The iPhone 4 16GB (pictured) alone has accounted for almost 10 per cent of trade-ins since January.

Samsung is the second most recycled, with a 21 per cent share of the market. The Galaxy S II is also the second most traded handset, accounting for five per cent of all devices sold.

The BlackBerry Porsche Design P9981 has the highest value, according to the data, with a trade-in price of £360. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is second at £355, while a 64GB iPhone 5 has a trade-in price of £317.