Roxfit unveils Sony approved Xperia Z1 accessories


20:20 Mobile, Kondor and Data Select to distribute products to O2, Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U stores

Accessories manufacturer Roxfit is to release a new range of cases to accompany the launch of Sony’s next flagship handset, the Xperia Z1.

Roxfit, the consumer division of design and manufacturing company Smart Mobile, claims to be the UK’s number one seller of Sony-approved cases. It says its sales have trebled in the past year.

The new range includes ‘Book Case’ – a flip-style leather-like material cover which protects the front and back of the device and a ‘slip case’ leather-like pouch. Both will retail at around £20 each.

The firm is also launching a range of ‘Gel Shell’ cases, made from shock-absorbent rubber, in a range of colours for £15.

Xperia Z1 screen protectors offering anti-glare and privacy technology will be available for £8.

The cases will be distributed in the UK by 20:20 Mobile, Kondor and Data Select and will be available at O2, Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4U stores when the Xperia Z1 launches in September.

Distribution has also been organised in a range of European, African and Middle Eastern locations. Talks involving Indonesia and the Philippines are also underway.

Smart Mobile CEO Malc Stapleton said: “The commitments from the retailers and distributors is the highest we have ever seen on a Sony launch. The case range is available prior to the handset launch.

“We started with Sony Ericsson in the early days, way before the brand changed back to Sony. The launch of the Sony Xperia range has made a huge difference to the growth of the business, and now we find ourselves evolving from a UK company to an international company with supply in many parts of the world.”


  1. I just had a quick question regarding the roxfit phone cover. Won’t the inside of the case scratch the phone where the cover is touching the phone as it needs to hold it in place? Is the inside of the case where it is holding the phone made of rubber or a soft material?