Vodafone unveils iPhone 5s pricing


Manufacturer’s premium device to be available from £42 per month on 3G and £47 per month on 4G, with upfront charges starting at £19

Vodafone has announced it will offer the iPhone 5s on its ‘Red’ 24-month contracts from £42 for 3G connectivity and £47 for 4G, with upfront costs starting from £19.



The 16GB version of the Apple device, announced last week with cheaper sibling the iPhone 5c, will cost £79 upfront on both 3G and 4G plans on the lowest Red tariffs. These offer unlimited texts and calls and either 1GB of 3G data or 2GB of 4G data.

Customers who sign up to a 4G plan before the end of October will receive an additional 4GB of data per month for the duration of their contract.

Upfront costs for the iPhone 5s 32GB and 64GB versions are the same on both 3G and 4G plans. For example, the 32GB model costs £99 on ‘Vodafone Red L’ plans, which come with either 2GB of 3G data for £47 contract or 4GB of 4G data for £52 (8GB for those who sign up by the end of October).

On ‘Vodafone Red XL’ plans the iPhone 5s 32GB version costs £49, with the tariff including 4GB of 3G data for £52 or 8GB for £57.

Business customers will be able to buy the iPhone 5s, which goes on sale on September 20, on both 3G and 4G contracts, Vodafone said.

The operator added that customers with an iPhone 5, Samsung SIII or Galaxy Note II still in contract can upgrade early by bringing their device into a Vodafone store, where staff will reduce remaining contract charges by 75 per cent.