O2 beats Vodafone in 4G London speed test


Mobile performance research company RootMetrics also found, however, that Vodafone’s 4G coverage in the city is slightly higher than O2’s

O2’s 4G network is outperforming Vodafone’s in London in terms of speeds but the latter has greater coverage, mobile performance research company RootMetrics has found.

Initial tests of the two operators’ networks, which both launched in London on August 29, show average 4G-only download speeds for O2 were 23.3Mbps, in comparison to Vodafone’s 20.8Mbps.

O2’s 4G maximum download speed was 65.8Mbps, and Vodafone’s 57.7Mbps. O2’s average 4G-only upload speeds (12.6Mbps) also narrowly beat Vodafone’s (11.3Mbps).

RootMetrics also measured availability of 4G coverage over 310 miles within London and “multiple indoor locations”, finding that Vodafone’s covered 69.4 per cent and O2’s 63.9 per cent.

The compares well to other 4G network launches in the UK and US which saw 50 per cent coverage at launch, RootMetrics said.

RootMetrics CEO and President Bill Moore said: “This first look at London’s 4G service bodes well for the new providers and, more importantly, for people who chose to sign up. EE has had the best part of a year to cement its place and remains the speed leader, but the early signs for O2 and Vodafone are very positive, especially when it comes to 4G availability.”


  1. Shouldn’t we expect similar speeds given that both ‘networks’ are using the same 4G infrastructure supplied by Cornerstone, the O2/Vodafone JV?

    • In London O2 and Vodafone are building and managing there own networks, according to cornerstone. Unless this has changed, then i think this is why people are seeing a difference also I dont imagine the uptake on o2 to be a good as other networks as there offering is crap.