EE seals YouTube partnership to showcase 4G speed


New campaign builds on YouTube data which suggests 40 per cent of views in the UK come from mobile devices

EE has announced the launch of a new digital campaign with video-sharing service YouTube to demonstrate the benefits of its superfast 4G network when viewing video on a mobile device.

In the video, actor Kevin Bacon – who has featured in all of the operator’s 4G adverts to date – appears with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver in the ‘Food Tube’ channel studio.

The two celebrities engage in a sandwich making competition, with Oliver continuously stuttering as he ‘buffers’. Bacon then wins the competition, adding that “bacon don’t buffer” on EE’s 4G network.

EE director of brand Spencer McHugh said: “This unique partnership with YouTube is a first for us and demonstrates one of the key benefits of our network – a far superior video streaming experience with less buffering. The mobile internet speeds and breadth of coverage we offer across the UK remain unrivalled and we’re always looking for innovative ways to communicate the benefits of our network online.”

YouTube head of creative agency partnerships Hamish Nicklin added: “With around 40 per cent of YouTube views in the UK coming from mobile devices, speed is integral to our users to be able to watch whatever content they wish, whenever. YouTube partners such as Jamie Oliver have a loyal and passionate audience that really engages with the content. By partnering with them, brands are able to tap into these passionate fans to extend their message.”