Accidental damage claims up 15pc since 2011


Gadget insurer Supercover says changing trends in handset usage are leading to more accidental damage claims

Supercover Insurance has revealed that the percentage of claims it receives relating to accidental damage has risen 15 per cent since 2011.

The insurer said that 71 per cent of claims it receives are now for accidental damages, compared to 56 per cent in 2011.

Claims relating to lost gadgets stayed flat at 20 per cent over the two years, while claims for stolen gadgets fell from 13 per cent in 2011 to 8 per cent this year.

Supercover Insurance director Carmi Korine said: “This noticeable increase does make us consider the changing trends in the nature of gadgets and their usage. Over the last few years, we have seen a surge in the use of gadgets in our daily lives, both for personal and work purposes. We are all more used to using our devices in public, be it when commuting on the train, on holiday or at public events such as festivals.

“Coupled with the fact that some gadgets are more vulnerable to damage as they have increasingly sensitive components such as exposed touch screens, it is hardly surprising that many are more prone to accidents.”

Supercover also said that accidental damage can describe more than just physical damage, with a number of customers looking to take advantage of data backup schemes.

Carmi added: “On a daily basis, we receive calls from customers telling us that they’ve lost precious files – be it on phones, tablets or laptops – but over the last few years, we have found that the data backup we offer is not being used to its full capacity.

“I believe the main reason for this is that so many of us don’t believe anything will ever happen to our gadgets, otherwise we’d all be backing up our devices constantly. As we become increasingly dependant on our devices for work or to store personal memories, many gadget owners need to realise that their devices aren’t invincible.”