EE says rural internet challenges can be solved by 4G


Operator says UK needs to get over “fixation” with fixed broadband, after a spending watchdog report said broadband rollout is being “mismanaged”

EE has said that 4G is the solution to delivering internet access to rural areas of the UK.

The operator made the claims following yesterday’s report by the Commons Public Accounts Committee (PAC) which claimed that the government’s fixed broadband plans are being “mismanaged”.

EE CTO Fotis Karonis said: “As a nation, we need to get over our fixation with fixed broadband as the best solution to rural connectivity challenges. The sooner we recognise that superfast 4G can, very efficiently, deliver internet access to places where there is none today, the sooner more people in rural Britain will enjoy the benefits of being online.”

The watchdog’s report said that BT – which will ultimately benefit from £1.2 billion in public funding – has “exploited its quasi-monopoly position” as the main provider, with Committee chair Margaret Hodge adding that taxpayers have been “ripped off”.

Only Japanese IT company Fujitsu and BT entered the bidding for the rollout contracts, however Fujitsu later withdrew meaning that BT has been chosen by 26 counties to roll out the services so far with another 18 expected to follow suit.