T-Mobile and Orange garner most customer complaints to Ofcom


Data for April, May and June also shows O2 received the fewest customer complaints out of mobile contract providers

T-Mobile contract customers filed the most complaints to Ofcom during the three months to the end of June, the telecoms regulator has revealed.

The operator, which is part of EE, generated 0.17 complaints per 1,000 customers, compared to the industry average of 0.08.

These were driven by issues related to billing and complaints handling, Ofcom said.

Sister company Orange also generated above average complaints, with 0.13 per 1,000 customers.

Three was the third most complained about mobile contract provider, with 0.09 per 1,000 customers.

O2 was the least-complained about provider with 0.03 per 1,000 customers, while Vodafone and Virgin Mobile saw 0.04 and 0.07 complaints per 1,000 respectively.

Ofcom has not released similar data for prepay, as no provider received more than 30 complaints per month.

O2 said it was the 11th consecutive quarter it has received the lowest number of complaints.

It said: “Ofcom’s data has again revealed that we’re number one for the least number of customer complaints into Ofcom. We plan to keep it that way and continue delivering the best experience for our customers.”

EE said: “We’re committed to providing our customers with the best possible service at all times. We are of course disappointed with the findings but at the same time we’re pleased to see the number of complaints has dropped over the past few months. We take all complaints seriously and will take on board the findings of this latest Ofcom report.”


  1. This is no suprise. It just reflects the way people truly feel when they pay for a service which is below par. If Virgin had stores, they would clean up, in my opinion. Counting the days til my contract ends. Then goodbye.

  2. Orange are to customer service what Edward I was to Welsh independence. I have had a complaint logged for months now regarding a mis-sold contract and bundle. They never call back or respond to emails. If I contact 150 they just put me on hold and leave me there. Have had to resort to Trading Standards. They know this, but clearly do not care. Their ‘service’ is dire. They must think if they ignore a customer for long enough we will simply go away, take our complaint with us and pay whatever they demand. Not likely in this case.

  3. I am impressed that Tmobile and Orange have received the most amount of complaints…. I’ve been trying for 3 hours to get past customer services to be able to log an escalated complaint with a manager and I’ve not been able to do this, as no manager or supervisor will speak to me.

    Absolutely shocking service from Tmobile.