New iPhones enter bestselling mobile chart


Apple’s iPhone 5S is more popular than the 5C, but the iPhone 5 is still the UK’s bestselling phone

Apple’s latest handsets are a hit with consumers, but the older iPhone 5 model is still the UK’s most popular phone, according to data from price comparison website uSwitch.

uSwitch’s ‘Mobile Tracker’ – which is based on live searches, pre-orders and sales – placed both the new iPhone 5S and 5C in its top ten.

The comparison site found that the more expensive 5S pipped the 5C model, placing them in fifth and seventh places respectively.

The gold coloured 16GB version was the most popular 5S, while the green 16GB was the front running 5C model.

Apple’s iPhone 5 still led the way, topping the chart for a seventh consecutive month.

The figures are taken from the whole of September, and with the new handsets only being released on September 20, the chart is expected to change greatly during October.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 was the only other new entry, sneaking into tenth place.

uSwitch telecoms expert Ernest Doku said: “The idea behind the iPhone 5C was to allow Apple to target the mid-range market with a new phone – negating the need for mobile fans to buy an older generation iPhone. With the 5C costing the same as the 5, this may well happen, but it hasn’t yet.

“In fact, consumers are instead opting for the high end 5S – with a gold rush that’s leaving the white and space grey models on the shelves.

“No doubt it’s early adopters that have given the 5S a boost into the top ten, but if the price sticks at £42 per month, it’ll soon lose favour with smartphone fans. Until it drops in price, many mobile fans won’t consider it.”