Update: O2 signal problems due to ‘routine update’ have been fixed


The operator said only one per cent of customers experienced problems and that they were fixed last night (October 3)

O2 customers experienced low or no mobile signal yesterday (October 3) due to a routine update to its 2G and 3G networks, the company has said.

One per cent of customers had difficulties calling and texting between 10:45am and 11:45pm. O2 has confirmed the problem has been fixed.

According to an O2 reseller, however, the issues – which included calls being dropped – were due to “adverse weather conditions”.

A bulletin from Carphone Warehouse Business said that bad weather was causing calls to be dropped and “in some cases no service at all”.

Network issues have been described as “intermittent” and resellers have been told to reassure customers that they have been raised with O2.

The full statement reads: “O2 service issues: Please be aware that due to the adverse weather conditions across the UK, many O2 Mobile users are experiencing low or no signal. This is causing calls to be dropped and in some cases no service at all. It appears to be intermittent at the moment. Please make your customers aware this has been raised with O2.”


  1. Been with this network since it started as bt . Never had a problem until this year. Never known anything like it. Get full bars but can’t make calls for hours. Even in the middle of Birmingham. Rang 02 loads of times and still same excuses. Short term pain long term gain. That was 6 months ago. Still as bad. Maybe even worse. Went to a 02 shop and was told, we not very good at the moment and if you get the chance of somebody buying your contract out. Go for it. That what I’ll do. Been with these for over 15 years and you get no loyalty. Not even a small reduction in you tariff.

  2. No service for 5 days O2 say put up with it until we fix fault in 3 more days ( they have proven unreliable so far ie no faults exist )No reduction in my bill as its written into the contract apparently its ok to pay o2 for a service I cant access ! My phone is useless like o2 s customers service !

  3. What utter rubbish these people talk. Been with O2 since 2001. Yet another days work lost through their own problems. Is at a coincidence that the problems were on the same day that they launched 4 G . Of course not so why not just admit it and tell us. In a series of phone calls on the 3rd and then 4th lasting over an hour and a half being told there was no problem then a minor problem and having no signal at all it cost me a days wages as a service engineer. As it affected 1% of us? ( rubbish) no compensation for another days lost wages. I too will be leaving as soon as possible. When will these people learn to look after their existing good customers rather than spending fortunes looking for new ones!

  4. This is now 5th october 4.07am still not able to recieve incoming calls in the east of Scotland . The issue is fixed ? My sim must be knackered . Oh well im off to T Mobile in the morning and snapping up my 02 sim . Weather ? more like a cyber attack given the scale of the loss of service in many areas , im pay n go my wifes contract both in same house hers never went down once and 02 claim its the weather . I cannot stand lies we are not dumb sheep 02 .

  5. so glad I am with Voda…. sadly my partner is O2, this is a regular occurance. Quite often his phone gets ‘stuck’ and I can often clear it with a miss call, however that was not the case this time, Calling from my landline I got the message “Sorry, there is a fault”, whereas calling with my moby just showed ‘network busy’. His service came back briefly at 20.22 this evening…..and has died again.02 is totes crap!!!

  6. So me, my misses, business partner, parents and all my missuses work mates are all part f this 1%. Do you really think we believe that? I will never use O2 again, come on January when I can cancel my contract…

  7. Adverse weather…really?! It was spitting of rain for heavens sake!!! My phone calls have been cutting off with 02 for weeks, they said it was issues around introduction of 4g?! Bunch of idiots!!!

  8. I wouldn’t say no incoming calls or txts since 2am this morning is intermittent. Didn’t realise we lived in the sahara where systems aren’t expecting wind n rain!

    I have men outside working in the rain and they can’t ring me if in danger while ppl sat in safe warm dry offices write pointless uninformative statements

  9. I think this is more than just the weather ..my O2 phone has full signal but my wife’s has had none all day. Both identical iPhones on same tariff

  10. Been with o2 ever since it took over my 1st operating system which I think was u network back in 90s.
    But dropouts and no services are gettin worse.
    Time to upgrade to a network that actually works.
    O2 u suk big-time

  11. Absolutely rubbish how is possible that my husbands phone working but my is not?we are in the same area and same house And how is possible to be able to call but not recieve?My question is when????

  12. Absolutely rubbish how is possible that my husbands phone working but my is not?we are in the same area and same house And how is possible to be able to call but not reciev ?

  13. Yes, we do need more information. My phone is an integral part of my working toolbox and I need to know if the “adverse” weather conditions are causing my absence of any signal or maybe I have a problem with my phone.
    Incidentally, the “adverse” conditions outside my office window appear to be sunshine and a few passing clouds. Perhaps the breeze has caused a few “wrong types of leaves” to fall in an inappropriate place!

  14. We need a full updated statement. I’m a taxi driver and cannot work without being able to make and receive calls. I cannot be expected to sit around and keep trying my phone until it works. I need to know when?