Samsung devices gain approval to be used by the UK Government


Clearance paves the way for wider use of mobiles and tablets from the manufacturer in the public sector

Samsung mobile devices have gained approval from the Communities Electronics Security Group (CESG) to be used within UK Government.

CESG announce Platform Security Guidance for Samsung Android as part of the Cabinet Office End Devices Program.

Samsung said its mobiles and tablets running Android 4.2.2 or later, including the Galaxy S4 (pictured) offer the ability to fulfil UK Government requirements at information security classification level.

It added they will provide limitless possibilities for end users whilst at the same time lowering costs and increasing security and manageability for IT administrators.

Samsung executive vice president of its Europe telecommunications operation Young Lee said: “Samsung is delighted that CESG has recognised the commitment of Samsung Android as meeting the strict requirements mandated for UK public sector use.”