Vodafone switches on its 4G network in Scotland


Faster speeds launched in Glasgow, with Edinburgh receiving the services from November 21 as operator spends £65 million bringing 4G to the country 

Vodafone has launched its 4G network in Glasgow, with Edinburgh receiving the faster speeds from November 21.

This year, Vodafone is spending more than £65 million to bring 4G to Scotland. This is in addition to the £802 million it spent acquiring the widest portfolio of mobile spectrum.

The operator said the arrival of 4G services could boost the economy in Glasgow by £61 million and Edinburgh by £49 million a year, with a total lift to the Scottish economy of up to £544 million a year. This is according to independent research by Capital Economics which found that 4G, when deployed to the population, could increase GDP by 0.5 per cent across the UK.

Vodafone launched its 4G network on August 29. It has now gone live in eight towns and cities across the UK, with a total of 13 locations before the end of the year.

The operator is also planning to double indoor 3G coverage throughout the country over the next couple of years, pledging to provide indoor coverage across 2G, 3G and 4G services to near 98 per cent of the Scottish population by 2015.

Scotland deputy first minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “The launch of Vodafone’s 4G service will allow businesses in Glasgow and Edinburgh to work faster and more effectively. It also gives the people of Glasgow and Edinburgh the opportunity to access and share more data.

“Vodafone’s announcement today feeds into our vision that Scotland will be a world leading digital nation by 2020. Central to this will be the development of future-proofed infrastructure that supports high quality connectivity on any device, anywhere, at any time. To achieve this we are investing over £240 million to extend next generation broadband access to 95% of premises in Scotland by 2017/18.”