Smartphone shipments hit record 250m units in Q3


Numbers up by almost a half from last year and 10 per cent from Q2, with Samsung accounting for a third of all smartphones shipped

Smartphone shipments passed a quarterly record of 250 million units in Q3, representing yearly growth of nearly 49 per cent and sequential growth of 10 per cent.

This is according to estimated from mobile analysts Juniper Research, who said Samsung now accounts for a third of all smartphones shipped with an some 85 million units – a records for the manufacturer. It reported a 26 per cent rise in profits, driven by an increase of smartphone sales.

The Apple iPhone accounted for a seventh of all smartphone shipments during the quarter, representing quarterly growth of eight per cent from a year ago. Juniper said its latest research forecasts that Samsung and Apple will ship 17 per cent more smartphones in 2018 than were shipped globally by all vendors last year.

It added top end vendors are expected to witness impressive growth next quarter due to seasonality, but expects a steady decline in growth thereafter, especially in maturing markets. It said differentiation would now become vital to continued success, and the strategies used to achieve differentiation need to be different for maturing and emerging markets.

Juniper said vendors will need to anticipate customers ‘future needs’, whilst at the same time creating ‘new needs’ that customer will want. This will become of paramount importance as new customers become a scarce resource and churn becomes a major factor.

Nokia shipped 8.8 million Lumia devices and nearly six million Asha smartphones in Q3, together exceeding LG for the second time this year. LG shipped 12 million smartphones in the quarter, up 24 per cent year-on-year.

Huawei, ZTE and LG together shipped more than 37 million smart5phones in the quarter, accounting for combined market share of 15 per cent.

Juniper said BlackBerry’s recent results – which run on a different financial schedule – are expected to see it ship just under four million smartphones in Q3.