Virgin Media launches SmartCall app


New application will allow Virgin Media customers to use inclusive calls from home talk plans on their smartphone

Virgin Media has today made its SmartCall service available to its home phone customers.

The new app allows users to make inclusive calls from their Virgin Media home talk plan on their smartphones via Wi-Fi, at no extra cost.

Once registered, the app is able to detect whether a SmartCall is possible. The app will then enable users to make calls through their home phone plan wherever they are, regardless of which mobile operator they use.

The free app – which is available on iOS and Android devices – can also be used abroad when a Wi-Fi connection is available, and will automatically detect which time zone the user is in to to ensure that calls fall within home plans.

Virgin Media said that as the service relies on Wi-Fi rather than 3G or 4G, users can only make a SmartCall when it’s free so there are no “surprise bills”.

Virgin Media director of home phone and convergence Alex Perrin commented: “SmartCall is the smart way for our home phone customers to save money on their mobile bill. SmartCall will deliver what our customers have told us they want – an easy to use app with no surprise bills and genuinely free calls. With more people adding Virgin Media home phones to their bundles, we want to help customers save money and set their landline minutes free.”

SmartCall is available in the UK free from the App Store and Google Play.

uSwitch telecoms expert Ernest Doku added: “SmartCall is genuinely innovative – and for some consumers it could be well worth the wait. Not only will it share the perks of home phone bundles with your mobile in the form of free minutes, but thousands of smartphone users could also avoid being burnt for using their phones abroad.”


  1. Seems that I could soon be sitiing in my favourite Lanzarote beach bar chatting away to people back in the UK all charged to the special deal I have on my home phone then? Hmmmmm….. So what’s in this for Virgin? I’ve never known them hand out anything that’s truly free before…. Got to be a catch in there somewhere as old beardy didn’t become a billionaire by giving stuff away.