Vodafone extends 4G data bonus


Operator will continue to offer extra data to new 4G customers until the end of January

Vodafone has confirmed it will continue to offer an extra 4GB of data to customers signing up to its Red 4G plans over the Christmas period.

The offer was originally set to run until the end of October, having been announced September 9. It will now run until the end of January.

The bonus applies to anyone signing up to any Vodafone Red 4G plan, whether it is SIM only, 12 month or 24 month. They will be given an extra 4GB of data per month for the length of their contract.

The bonus adds to Vodafone’s other 4G offers, including three months of unlimited data and access to either Sky Sports Mobile or Spotify Premium.

Vodafone launched its 4G network on August 29, and it has now gone live in eight towns and cities across the UK. The operator said 4G will be available in in total of 13 locations before the end of the year.