O2 and Vodafone double 4G speeds in London since launch


Mobile performance measurer Rootmetrics also found O2 is the most reliable network when it comes to calling and texting

O2 and Vodafone have doubled their 4G speeds in London since launching two months ago (August 29), according to Rootmetrics.

The company, which measures mobile performance, found Vodafone’s 4G is faster than O2’s, with download speeds of 9.5Mbps and upload speeds of 4.7Mbps compared to O2’s 7.1Mbps and 3.7Mbps.

EE achieved the fastest speeds, with areas where its ‘double speed’ service has been launched seeing speeds of up to 19.3Mbps (download) and 12.9Mbps (upload).

It was also rated the most reliable network, with 95 per cent of internet connections successfully made and kept, compared to Three’s 93.8 per cent, O2’s 90.4 per cent and Vodafone’s 88 per cent.

For calling and texting, however, O2 took top position, recording the fewest call failures of any network.

RootMetrics CEO and President Bill Moore said: “The results of our 86,225 independent tests across London show that O2 and Vodafone have made a great start with their 4G networks, and consumers should be enjoying notably faster speeds. Certainly compared to other rollouts of 4G we have seen, London has got off to an impressive start.

“The even better news is that with more 4G masts lighting up every day, we are seeing increasing speeds in the capital as time goes on. But with three networks now competing for 4G customers, Londoners should take a close look at both price and performance before choosing: especially outside the centre, 4G is not evenly deployed, so it’s important to get a sense of which network will provide the best service where you live and play before committing.”