EE launches world’s largest data bundle for businesses


The operator’s one petabyte ‘Super Bundle’ is designed for data-intensive industries such as broadcast and communications

EE has unveiled the world’s largest mobile data bundle for businesses, which it says could save data-intensive industries such as broadcast millions of pounds.

The operator is offering a one petabyte (PB – over one million gigabyte) allowance as part of its new ‘Super Bundles’ for businesses, announced today (November 7).

Super Bundles are also available in 50 terabyte (TB – 1,000 gigabytes), 100TB, 200TB, and 500TB units.

The bundles do not have expiry dates, new SIMs can be added any time, and individual users can top up data whenever needed. They can be paid for up front or over time.

EE said it had developed the bundles in response to corporate and public sector organisations wanting to flexibly expand their mobile data allowances, and for data-intensive industries such as broadcast, communications media and CCTV looking for an alternative to satellite and cable uploads.

The operator predicts businesses will use 860 per cent more data on mobile devices by 2016. It said that a mobile data fleet on 3G typically use up to 200TB over a 36-month contract period. Over 4G, data usage is likely to increase to around 600TB, the company predicts.

CCS Insight senior analyst Kester Mann said: “EE’s ground-breaking tariffs position it to capitalise on the huge increase in demand for data services expected from 4G enterprise consumers in the UK.

“These vast data allowances will provide businesses with an important competitive edge through increased productivity and cost savings. Further, their greater flexibility will suit many companies that regularly see fluctuations in data usage among the workforce.”