Doro launches TV ad campaign for Liberto 810 smartphone


Twenty second adverts to run on several channels over six weeks, showing how its mobiles can share pictures and videos with others

Doro has launched a Christmas TV advertising campaign to promote its new smartphone, the Liberto 810. It will also promote feature phones from the company’s range.

The campaign began on November 10 and runs until December 22 on Channel 4, ITV1, ITV3, Five, Alibi and Yesterday in the UK. There are eight different versions of the advert, carrying a specific retailer call-to-action for each of the featured products.

Each advert lasts 20 seconds. They begin with the camera focused on framed family photographs and then pans out to show a grandmother filming her grandchildren with the smartphone. Other versions show her taking still photographs on Doro feature phones.

The campaign will also be supported with a digital media push including online banner placement and an extended 45 second in-banner version of the TV advert.

The theme for the campaign is ‘Making Memories’. Doro said it communicates how the company’s mobiles enable people to capture and share memories through photos and videos, with their family and friends.

Doro UK and Ireland managing director Chris Millington said: “This is the first time we have used real people in our TV adverts and I truly believe it has been an excellent move to build an emotional link with the audience. There’s no better way to demonstrate the joy our products bring to the end user.”