The Cloud rolls out Wi-Fi at Bath University


Free connectivity available to visitors campus-wide from more than 1,000 access points 

The Cloud has rolled out campus-wide Wi-Fi at BAth University, enabling all non-student visitors access to the service from any Wi-Fi enabled device.

It provides Wi-Fi access across the entire campus through more than 1,000 access points. The Cloud said it will enhance the experience of guest lecturers, visitors, student families and prospective studens by providing fast and free connectivity.

The Cloud managing director Vince Russell (pictured) said: “Demand for WiFi is constantly increasing. This is especially true of venues such as universities. Educational material is becoming more digital with lecturers sharing content via email and online portals. The ability to work remotely for guest lecturers is essential.

“Providing WiFi access to other visitors such as prospective students and families of current students gives them an enhanced service when on the move. In an age where mobility is so key, the University of Bath has placed WiFi at the forefront of their offering.”