Cat launches range of protective iPhone cases


The Active Urban range, which protects handsets from drops of up to 1.8 metres, is also available for the iPad Air and Samsung Galaxy S4

Rugged handset manufacturer Cat is launching a range of protective accessories for Apple and Samsung devices.

Made in partnership with Cat licensee Bullitt Mobile, the portfolio includes cases for the iPhone 5s, iPhone 4, iPad Air and Samsung Galaxy S4.

The accessories are made from a material called SAIF, which is flexible to touch but stiffens up on impact.

They will be available in the UK first via distributor Kondor, from online retailers Amazon, Mobile Fun, Totally Gadgets and Phones 4U and operator O2.

The Active Urban range features cases with metal edges and can be dropped from 1.8 metres.

Bullitt Mobile Co-CEO Dave Floyd said: “What we’re seeing in the market is that there’s an increasing demand for solutions that will help protect the increasing number of consumer mobile devices used on a regular basis. People can’t afford to keep replacing their phone or tablet and they want more choice when it comes to protecting them without making them look bulky.

“The Cat brand is all about quality and innovation and with the Cat accessories range we have achieved a step change in shock absorption and impact resistance protection. We’re delighted to have the exclusive use of SAIF for mobile accessories.”


  1. To be honest I prefer having a screen protector than a case..I’ve looked at the otter box and while it looks great it does add considerable bulk and they are pricey…in the other hand screen protectors are lightweight and inexpensive if you know which one to get. You can pick a GEARMAXX screen protector for cheap…They sell on ebay and are high quality, lightweight and durable!