Campaign launched to dissuade teenagers from phone abuses


‘Out of Your Hands’ project to be introduced to alert teenagers to the dangers of phone crime and phone security

The Telecommunications UK Fraud Forum (TUFF) is launching a new anti-crime campaign aimed at teaching under 16’s to “use their mobile phones responsibly’’.

The  ‘Out of Your Hands’ project, which is run in partnership with Financial Fraud Action UK, provides teachers with learning materials, which can be introduced in personal, social and health education lessons and assemblies, designed to alert teens to the dangers of phone crime and phone security.

Other TUFF teaching materials provided include ‘history of the mobile phone’ for students aged 14 to 16  and drama activities for students aged seven to 12  which will be used to demonstrate the dangers of leaving personal information on mobiles.

The ‘Out of Your Hands’ website, set to launch at the end of the month, also details key features of common mobile scams and provides links to where youngsters can register their devices.

According to research from the Office of National Statistics, mobile phone theft victims were most likely to be children aged 14 to 17 years with the victimisation rate for this group being twice as high as the average (at around four per cent).

TUFF chief executive officer Jack Wraith said the new campaign builds on previous anti-theft projects by introducing a “financial aspect” to it, by making youngsters aware of the dangers of downloading apps which aren’t free.

He said: “Mobile phone security is all about awareness.  There are cases of children having their mobile phones stolen and information on there being used to bully them – so it’s really important to increase awareness.”

“We’re also bringing in the financial side with this launch, as youngsters sometimes download apps at the expense of their parents’ bank accounts.”