O2 Recycle payouts top £62m


Operator has so far paid out £24 million this year alone, with the number of handsets being recycled increasing 30 per cent last month compared to a year ago

O2’s Refresh tariff has prompted a 30 per cent surge in handset recycling – bringing payments to £62 million

The operator launched its O2 Recycle programme in 2009 – to allow customers to trade in an existing handset, with the monetry value put towards reducing the cost of their upgrade.

Speaking to Mobile News this month, O2 head of sustainability Bill Eyres said the operator has now paid out more than £62 million for recycled devices – including £24 million this year alone.

O2 claims the number of handsets being recycled increased in October by 30 per cent year-on-year, a rise Eyres attributes to the launch of O2’s Refresh tariff, which allows customers to upgrade their device mid-contract.

Eyres said: “We brought in the recycle scheme after we looked at propositions that we were running in order to make a positive social and environmental impact that also benefits our customers. The critical thing, particularly this year, is that we have made sure O2 Recycle is embedded in the sales process.

“It’s now very much part of the sales offer, especially with O2 Refresh. Trading in is integrated with getting a new phone, old tech for new tech. The more you can simplify the process the better, as there are still many consumers who put old phones in draws and forget about them.”

O2 Recycle is managed by Scottish technology recycler Redeem, which also offer services to firms including Money4URMobile, TicketMaster, British Gas, Tesco and Amazon.