Android increases dominance in tablet market, Orange finds


Samsung’s market share in the tablet market has risen from six per cent in 2012 to 19 per cent currently

Android is continuing to take market share from iOS in the tablet market, a study by Orange has found.

According to the operator, in 2012 only six per cent of tablets in the UK were made by Samsung, compared to 19 per cent currently.

The same could be said for the French tablet market, with Samsung’s share rising from 13 per cent in 2012 to almost a third now.

The Orange Exposure 2013/2014 also detailed how the arrival of 4G is changing consumer behaviour. For example, nearly a third (30 per cent) of 4G users in the UK regularly use their mobile to download videogames, compared with 17 per cent of 3G users.

4G users are also much more likely to use m-commerce services – 53 per cent have used their mobile to pay for something in the last six months compared with 34 per cent of 3G mobile multimedia users.

Jean-Marie Culpin, Head of Marketing and Customer Intimacy, Orange, said: “This year’s findings provide early evidence that faster speeds and greatly improved bandwidth have indeed shaken up how people are using their mobile – making it more central to their lives than ever before. As 4G becomes increasingly available to everyone, it is exciting to witness how it’s helping people go about their daily lives, as their trusted companion.”