Three adds USA to ‘Feel At Home’ proposition


Customers now use their standard monthly allowances in 11 countries to communicate with others in the UK

Three has extended its ‘Feel At Home’ proposition to the USA, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Macau, enabling customers to use their standard monthly plans to call, text and send data from 11 countries.

The service launched in August, initially available in Ireland, Australia, Italy, Austria, Hong Kong, Sweden and Denmark.

Feel At Home automatically activates as soon as a person arrives in one of the listed countries. The operator said it has agreed commercial agreements with certain networks and the handset will automatically switch to one of them when in those countries.

Three said that if people exceed the limits, they will benefit from roaming charges lower than its own standard rates.

These are 20 per minute for calls, 7p per text message and 10p per megabyte. Alternatively, if customer’s exceed their allowances and don’t want to be charges roaming rates, they can use the My3 app on their mobile in Feel at Home countries to buy normal UK add-ons.

Three chief executive Dave Dyson said: “High roaming charges stop people enjoying their phones while they’re away and Feel At Home is the antidote to that. Adding the USA to the mix is great news for our customers and shows our commitment to giving them the best experience in what is a popular destination. We plan to add more countries to the mix soon.”