One Mini could be recalled if HTC loses patent-case appeal


The company has said there is ongoing uncertainty over the future of HTC One Mini devices following the loss of a patent case against Nokia, and that one outcome could be a product recall

HTC One Mini handsets could be recalled in the UK following a court decision on December 3 banning their sale in the country.

The case was brought by Nokia which claimed HTC had infringed one of its patents relating to chip sets supplied by third parties.

HTC immediately filed an appeal, which meant the sales injunction was postponed until its Court of Appeal hearing on December 12.

However, the manufacturer said it will not ship any more HTC One Mini devices into the UK.

The company told Mobile News there is uncertainty over what will happen to handsets sold before the ban if it loses its appeal (it went on sale in the UK on August 12), and that there is a possibility they could be recalled.

The One Mini is a cheaper, lower specification version of the manufacturer’s handset, the HTC One. The entire One range – which also includes the HTC One Max and several mid and low range handsets – makes up 70 per cent of HTC’s sales in the UK.

HTC said: “HTC is pleased that an urgent hearing with the Court of Appeal has been scheduled for December 12. Until the Court of Appeal hearing on 12 December, the court’s injunction against HTC is stayed. Pending that hearing, HTC has undertaken not to ship further phones (other than the HTC One) to the UK. Until the hearing on 12 December, our UK customers will be able to sell all HTC devices which are already in their inventories.”