Three more senior executives set to leave BlackBerry

Written by: Paul Withers
Three more senior executives set to leave BlackBerry

EVP of global sales Rick Costanzo, VP of of strategic alliances Chris Wormald and director of global public policy Mark Cameron to depart troubled manufacturer in the coming weeks

BlackBerry has announced that three more senior executives will leave the company by the end of the year and soon after.

Executive vice president of global sales Rick Costanzo (pictured) and vice president of strategic alliances Chris Wormald have resigned and will leave in the next two weeks.

Director of global public policy Mark Cameron is leaving to join PR and public affairs firm Hill+Knowlton Strategies Canada at the start of January.

Costanzo has been with the company for 14 years, Wormald for 13 years and Cameron for almost three years.

They are the latest in a number of senior executives to leave the Canadian firm. BlackBerry president and CEO Thorsten Heins left in November to be replaced by Sybase CEO John Chen.

This came two weeks after Fairfax Financial Holdings pulled out of a deal to buy the manufacturer for $4.7 billion (£3 billion), instead opting to invest $1 billion (£627 million) into the company.

BlackBerry chief operating officer Kristian Tear, chief marketing officer Frank Boulben and chief financial officer Brian Bidulka followed in the same month. The latter is staying on as a special advisor to Chen for the remainder of the financial year. He was replaced by BlackBerry senior VP head of compliance James Yersh, who has worked at the company for five years.

Tear had been COO since August 2012, while Boulben had been with the company since May last year.

BlackBerry will report its Q3 financial results on Friday, where Chen is expected to reveal more details on its turnaround strategy.

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  1. Rob robson says:

    The end is nigh – goes to prove that customers did want touchscreens and cameras – who’d have think it !?!


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