Get Connected slams damning BBC exposé as ‘load of rubbish’


Retailer angrily refutes allegations of misleading customers on contracts, with MD Damian Cole accusing programme of a ‘personal attack’ against him

Get Connected boss Damian Cole is considering legal action against the BBC after being accused of falsifying customer contracts to earn extra cash.

The mobile phone retailer, which has 68 retail stores across the UK (45 in Wales), appeared on the BBC investigative show X-Ray this month.

The show, which is similar to Watchdog, was investigating complaints from customers, (dating back to 2012) who claimed to have been placed on business rather than consumer contracts against their will and paying higher monthly rental costs than agreed in store.

The investigation centred around connections processed in Get Connected’s Blackwood, Abergavenny, Haverfordwest, and Porthcaw stores.

All claimed to have been unaware they were signing up to business deals and even accused staff of hiding that information by failing to issue a full breakdown of the deal, blaming printing issues.

One customer, Amy Salter from Abergavenny, claimed the member of staff had used made-up and false information to put the deal through as a business deal – later discovering on her bill she was listed as a self-employed “mobile hairdresser”.

Cole (pictured), who founded the firm in 1992, angrily refuted the allegations featured in the show and claims all paperwork was completed and issued correctly.

He also confirmed staff in the targeted stores have already been cleared of any wrongdoing.

“The accusations are an absolute load of rubbish, completely ridiculous and pathetic,” said Cole.“My staff have done nothing wrong.

“We had all the paperwork signed by the customers, each stating they were self-employed.”

“It seems strange for them to claim they were not given paperwork due to various IT issues when all the paperwork has been signed.”

Cole was also fuming over the BBC’s decision to discuss his personal life, by highlighting his love for cars and rally driving – labelling it “irrelevant” and a “personal attack” on his character.

Mobile News contacted BBC Wales series producer Susie Phillips who defended the show. She said: “Our report was based on the complaints of a number of customers who had bought phones from a number of Get Connected shops right across Wales and was not a personal


  1. I have to say that the service i received was excellent. Phone was perfect..contract was perfect. This was at the new shop in Abergavenny.

  2. It is true this company is totally disgraceful. They duped my husband into have a mobile phone, a dora, which has no internet but all he wanted was a contract for unlimited calls and he got stung for iver £30 a month and when we complain when we first found out about it after an email they sent they refused to even discuss it and said that he could reduce his contract in 12 months time but this has never happened, he has had this contract for over 18 months. He does not go on the internet as he is not computer literate but they stitched him up good and proper and he also told them he could not read the contract as he did not have his glasses with him. Do not go with this company you will regret it, it should be closed down. This was the Leominster Store in Herefordshire.

  3. This is worst company ever!!! My debt stands at £2422.75 for a phone I had for 13days! It’s outrages that this company is still trading , I am not self employed & never have been but my phone contract was put under a company phone 100% lies from the staff as for the no paper work you guessed it same as the others! I really thought I was dealing with a Orange shop! When I sent the phone back to orange they told me I couldn’t cancel contract that I had to do it via Get Connected & when I rung get connected & spoke with the manager he laughed at me and told me I couldn’t cancel the contact with them! Robbers!! Lies!! When I rung orange about the fact I had not been dealing with there shop they told me they were well aware of how get connected was being mistaken for a orange shop , this was back in 2013! Seriously how can this still be going on!!

  4. Theve just tried to rip me off ive cancelled the direct debit and left the phone on the desk at the shop,bunch of crooks

  5. This happened to me 20august get connected on the contract ee sim taken out over the phone by upgrade my phone would not accept the sim get connected said phone ee then said because I was now outside 14days I would have to send the phone back to Nokia they say the phone is 2years old l sent the phone back a second time with a copy of my contract which by the way I can not cancell £16.99 a month for nothing they are now saying I must have broken the phone myself frustrated or what I have had in excess of 11diferent phone numbers owone seems able to help or even care I have an appointment with a solicitor next week to see if there is any way forward

  6. Totally agree with article and they are still doing it!!! The call you pretending to be Orange and get you to upgrade. I did this and then they didn’t send phones or sim or any contract whatsoever nor contacted me until 2 weeks after phone should have arrived! Very good service for a “SO CALLED” communication company. when i told them i didn’t want them anymore they said ok but then didn’t cancel upgrade and now phone cut off and told by get connected that it will take upto 28 days to cancel.

    Awful service, awful attitude of so called manager Richard doesn’t return calls and doesn’t accept their company has done anything wrong. Off to trading standards now as what they have done is illegal!!

  7. this company is the worst company ever.
    they have refused to terminate a contract saying there is a no returns policy. orange have advised me otherwise.

    the level of customer service this company use in nil