Orange worst in customer service with below average satisfaction score


The operator scored 67 per cent in overall satisfaction, with failings in areas including usefulness of information or advice given

Orange recorded the lowest level of customer satisfaction in 2013, with only 67 per cent of enquiries being dealt with appropriately.

According to Ofcom Orange scored below the industry average of 75 per cent in a number of customer service areas including ease of finding the provider’s contact details and getting through to the right person, speed of answering the phones and the time taken to handle the issue.

Usefulness of the information or advice given and complaint resolution were also identified as areas where Orange did not meet the industry average. However the operator, which is part of the EE brand, saw customer satisfaction grow slightly from 65 per cent in 2012 to 67 per cent.

In comparison, O2 leads in customer service, with 82 per cent overall satisfaction (up from 76 per cent in 2012).

It is followed by Vodafone, which saw customer satisfaction grow from 61 per cent in 2012 to 77 per cent.

Three saw 74 per cent overall customer satisfaction in 2013, compared with 67 per cent in 2012.

T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile saw 71 per cent customer satisfaction, a rise from 67 per cent and 64 per cent respectively.

Ofcom said average customer satisfaction went up from 67 per cent last year to 75 per cent in 2013, primarily driven by higher satisfaction among Vodafone customers.


  1. I can say from personal experience that Orange has the worst customer service. I’ve dealt with all of themthem, but do yourself a favour and avoid this company if you need any human support.

  2. I work for EE and I’m not an annoyed employee looking to vent my anger. The bottom line is this when we call through to customer services both orange and TM much of the time the advisors will cut us off as they don’t want to deal with the and that’s if you get through as the IVR doesn’t always work. Plus as a business I can say customer service is all talk and no action as it’s just about the numbers, if you miss a KPI you are performance managed but our customer services scores are not really mentioned. The odd huff and puff here and there but nothing really concrete and then it’s forgotten. The company is under pressure to show that they are doing something as they are the biggest network but believe me it’s all show. Final words think bank TM and OUK has always been towards the bottom, well OUK may be had some great service but that was back in 2003/4