Exertis Micro-P signs The Layer for B2B Cloud offering


Firm claims The Layer’s CRM can help boost profits by 67 per cent

Exertis Micro-P has partnered with cloud specialists The Layer to offer its online customer relationship management system to its B2B mobile resellers.

The CRM is now included in Micro-P’s “Conect” dealer platform – launched in March – designed to help B2B adopt new services such as IT and fixed connections in addition to airtime. Around 127 resellers from IT and mobile have signed up to Conect, with numbers expected to hit 150 by the end of the year.

The Layer is focused exclusively on the needs of mobile, fixed line and IT resellers and offers a number of different packages which, according to Exertis Micro-P, each go beyond the “scope of traditional CRM platforms”. Functions according to The Layer include the ability to more closer manage staff performance with live data, increase business leads, convert more sales, identify staff weaknesses, highlight overachieving performers and reduce churn.

It also generates monthly overviews of a business’s turnover and profit, making it simpler to analyse performance.

The Layer claims the products have been proven to increase company profits by up to 67 per cent, although it failed to give examples to back up the claim.

Exertis Micro-P was unable to provide details on pricing as Mobile News went to press, only stating its customers will receive a significant discount to the RRP.

Exertis Micro-P UK business development director Simon Woodman said: “The Layer provides an important service for resellers in terms of enabling higher control over customers and potential clients, which directly results in healthier business and bigger profits.”

The Layer managing director Michelle Livingstone said: “Having access to the right information frees up time to focus on business strategy, leadership and innovation whilst tackling any performance weaknesses.”

Other users of the service include EE, which, according to its senior national account manager Nik Patel, who joined Orange in 2000, says the service “beats anything” he’s ever seen before in the channel.