ZapZap mobile wallet ‘live now’


Mobile wallet service provider looking to work with MVNOs in the UK and across Europe

Mobile wallet service provider ZapZap is seeking MVNO partnerships to help drive adoption across the UK and Europe.

The ZapZap application, which is available free from the Apple App store and Google Play, allows users to create an online virtual account, which can be used to send and receive money as well as make online purchase payments. Windows compatibility is expected but there are no plans to add BlackBerry.

Users can top up their ZapZap balance using any debit or credit card, which must be registered through the app.

In addition, customers can also withdraw cash from their ZapZap account by signing up to receive a physical payment card, issued by MasterCard, which can be used in any ATM.

ZapZap head of business development and marketing Mike Lewis, who has held senior marketing roles at Orange and was part of the first ever MVNO launch team with Virgin in 1999, said the service can be whitelabelled and rebranded to suit MVNO partners.

He added the firm has the necessary e-money licence, granted by the Financial Conduct Authority, to operate across the European Economic Area (a region encompassing the EU plus Norway and Iceland).

ZapZap declined to reveal current customer numbers despite Mobile News requests.

Lewis said: “Whilst some providers talk about their mobile wallet solutions coming to the market in the future, ZapZap is a full utility mobile wallet that is live now.
“We are aiming to work in partnership with MVNOs in the UK and elsewhere in Europe where the mobile wallet can be co-branded to add value to the MVNO proposition. The wallet can be integrated quickly and easily.”