EE to drive connected car market in 2014


CEO Olaf Swantee said EE’s plan for 2014 is to focus on the connected car and connected home markets

EE has said it will focus on the connected car and connected home markets in 2014, as it looks to find new uses for 4G technology.

The term ‘connected car’ refers to equipping vehicles with in-built mobile connectivity. According to global operator association the GSMA, this market was worth $13 billion (£8 billion) in 2012 but is set to be worth $39 billion (£24 billion) by 2018.

The GSMA predicts more than 20 per cent of vehicles sold worldwide in 2015 will have embedded mobile connectivity. By 2025, every new car will be connected.

In his New Year email to employees, EE CEO Olaf Swantee said the connected car market will be one of three ‘connected’ areas of focus – the other two being connected home and connected consumer.

Business information provider Visiongain predicted the connected home market would be worth $101 billion (£63 billion) globally in 2013.

Swantee said EE is able to expand beyond smartphones and tablets into new areas of connectivity thanks to its “powerful set of assets” – referring to EE’s network, retail estate and brand.

He said: “2014 will see us start to fulfil the true potential of 4G technology, moving beyond voice, data, the internet, phones and tablets. While we’ll continue to deliver mobile phone services to over half of Britain, we are also entering a new world of connectivity. It is the year when the everyday objects around us begin to become connected.

“We’re focusing on three key ‘connected’ areas that we need to launch and begin to build in 2014 – the connected car, the connected home and the connected consumer.

“We’re able to do this because of the solid ‘traditional’ business we have built. We have a hugely powerful set of assets, such as our network, our retail estate, our multi-proposition sharer plans, and our brand. These assets will enable us to move into new areas for our business with new possibilities, and new opportunities. You’ll hear more about this throughout the year.”