Smartphone prices forecasted to fall to £180 average this year


Prediction from the Consumer Electronics Association means the average price will have fallen by a third over the past four years 

The average price of a smartphone will fall to £180 this year – a third off from the average price of £270 in 2010 and down from £205 last year.

This is according to the forecast made at the opening of CES by Consumer Electronics Association director of analysis Steve Koenig.

He predicted the number of devices sold in 2014 will increase by 20 per cent from last year to 1.21 billion, mainly due to lower prices making devices more affordable in emerging markets.

Koenig said: “These lower-end devices are what’s required to penetrate most deeply into emerging markets.”

However, this could cause the value of technology purchases to fall one per cent to £646 billion but despite the decline in spending, Koenig said smartphone and tablet purchases will account for 26p out of every pound spent on technology this year.

The CEA also forecasted that sales of smartwatches will increase by 50 per cent this year to 1.5 million units. The only widely available smartwatches available in the UK at present are the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Sony Smartwatch 2.