Curran to unleash ‘new and improved’ version of Yes Telecom


B2B airtime distie ‘Plan Communications’ will run on O2’s network; aims to give dealers more control over connections and revenues

Keith Curran is on the verge of launching a new B2B airtime distribution business with O2 – backed by a “multi-million pound” private investment.

Curran (pictured) who was CEO of Yes Telecom – sold six years ago to Vodafone for a reported £30 million – declined to comment at press. But sources claim the new firm will be called “Plan Communications”, and will launch to the dealer channel within the next few-months.

“Plan” will offer airtime connectivity on O2, as well as fixed line, broadband and cloud services. One source said: “This is a serious play by Curran with a lot money behind it. It is his first direct involvement in the airtime space since exiting Vodafone in 2009 and has the potential to really shake up the B2B market as we know it today.”

A new website, has already been set up, listing a number of job opportunities available, including those in sales, customer service and finance.

One source close to the situation claims a “seven figure sum” was spent on acquiring the domain name alone.

Several dealers are also understood to have been working behind the scenes with Curran over the past year to formulate a “dealer-focused business solution” – although strict NDA agreements prohibit names from being revealed.

Reinventing B2B
The business, which has been dubbed the “new and improved” Yes Telecom, will also give partners the ability to customise deals to meet the requirements of the customer, such as adjusting the minute, text and data allowances to suit.

Dealers will have more control on the way they earn their commissions, by being able to choose what percentage of revenue share and upfront kit funds they receive on a per deal basis – something not offered in the current market.

Back in control
An industry source said of Curran’s plans: “It’s all about putting the dealer back in control of their business, and not being at the mercy of the networks.

“Every partner will work on a level playing field. You don’t have to be in a top tier to receive the most benefit, which has made many in the channel often feel worthless.

“Keith [Curran] wants to put all the best parts of Yes Telecom together in the new business. Yes was successful because it actually listened to partners, and dealers can expect the same with Plan Communications.”