Vodafone and Sky in partnership talks to combat BT


Vodafone and BSkyB are preparing to collaborate on sport and movie channels, as well as a high-speed broadband service, according to reports

Vodafone and Sky are considering a partnership deal in order to fight BT’s dominance in the UK broadband market, according to The Sunday Times.

The newspaper, which cited “senior sources”, claimed that Vodafone and Sky have discussed deals for Sky’s sport and movie channels as well as a collaboration on a high-speed broadband service.

BT has invested heavily in both its fibre network and sport broadcasting capabilities, investing £3 billion on its fibre network – which is estimated to reach 90 per cent of UK homes next year – and £2 billion on broadcast rights for its BT Sport channels.

It is understood that Vodafone and Sky are unlikely to build a nationwide fibre network due to the cost. But the companies have discussed developing their relationship, which has already seen Vodafone offer free Sky Sports subscriptions to its 4G customers.

Vodafone declined to comment on the report.