O2 to trial new pay structure raising basic salary to £16k


The trial will cover 49 stores and also see bonus payments reduced to 10 per cent of salaries

O2 is to trial a new pay structure that will see employees’ basic salary increase to £16,000.

Stating February 2, staff in 51 stores in Kent and Essex, East Scotland, Bristol and South Wales will see higher monthly salaries – although bonus payments will be reduced to 10 per cent for the three-month trial period.

Last year, the Communication Workers Union (CWU) raised concerns with O2 that pay was not as high as market rates, and that the pay structure did not allow individuals to progress to the maximum rate of pay.

CWU assistant secretary Sally Bridge said: “We welcome this trial. This is what the vast majority of our members want so that they can progress through the salary range to the maximum pay point.

“The purpose of the trial is to better understand the impact that the new proposed reward mechanism will have on both the customer and employee performance when base pay is increased and bonus is reduced.”

O2 said the trial is the result of 12-months planning.

On completion the results of the trial will be examined by O2 and the CWU to decide if the pay structure should be rolled out nation-wide.