Operator JV launches mobile advertising trial


Weve will send targeted messages from brands such as Tesco to EE, O2 and Vodafone subscribers

UK operator joint venture Weve has begun trialling a mobile display advertising service which will see it work with brands such as Tesco to deliver targeted offers.

The Weve ‘mobile audience platform’ will see the JV use data from EE, Vodafone and O2’s subscriber base to create advertising campaigns which take into account age and gender.

The organisation said it wants to make the mobile advertising industry more sophisticated by moving away from focusing on the number of clicks achieved and provide user profiles instead – so it can tell brands which type of person saw their advert and which group engaged with it most.

Weve said 20 million mobile subscribers have currently consented to receive advertising from it. It offers users the opportunity to ‘opt out’ across all devices and all data on subscribers is anonymised.

“Currently mobile planning and buying for display is based on a range of data points that are built into assumptions and algorithms, our data will be informed by proper, verified first party data and is unique. This enables brands to work with more certainty on mobile,” Weve commercial and marketing director Nigel Clarkson.

“We want to move the debate away from click-based measurement and because we only plan to serve display advertising to known profiles, we can tell a brand who saw their message, and who engaged with it at a much more granular level of detail. We truly believe that this has the potential to create a shift in this market.”