Operator JV at800 updates policies to tackle 4G-interference


CEO Ben Roome said the organisation will stop sending out filters proactively and reduce the time it takes to fix Freeview TV signals disrupted by 4G rollout

Operator JV at800 is has announced a series of changes to the way it will help households whose Freeview TV signals have been affected by 4G rollout.

The non-profit organisation – which is funded by EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three – said it will fix Freeview TV service disruption within ten working days, rather than the current 15.

It will also stop sending out filters proactively and now only send them out on request. To date, at800 has sent out one million filters to households deemed ‘likely’ to experience interference.

The filters prevent interference between 4G mobile services using 800MHz spectrum and Freeview TV, which uses the 700MHz band.

According to CEO Ben Roome, at800’s current approach represents a disproportionate response. Only 90,000 people are now thought to be at risk from interference, one-tenth of Ofcom’s original estimate of 900,000.

Roome said: “Of those who experienced interference, only a fraction responded by installing a filter. Sending out one million to reach one in five of those affected is not a proportionate reaction.

“So we are shifting away from pro-active filter provision to focus on those people who have been affected by it – and we are no longer trying to guess in advance who will be affected by it.”