Vodafone becomes last network to meet 90pc 3G coverage target


Operator upgrades 129 sites after Ofcom announced at the end of last year it had only achieved 88.66 per cent coverage by its required target date of June 2013

Vodafone has become the last mobile operator to meet Ofcom’s 3G coverage obligations of 90 per cent 3G coverage of UK homes.

In November, the telecoms regulator said that EE, O2 and Three had all met the obligation by last June but Vodafone had failed, reaching just 88.66 per cent 3G coverage.

The operator then agreed plans with Ofcom to bring itself into compliance by the end of last year. This involved upgrading 129 mobile transmitter sites, which were completed ahead of the deadline.

Ofcom said it “takes the requirements of its licenses very seriously, and breaches of these obligations can incur a penalty.” However, having taken Vodafone’s effort to address the coverage issue and the margin by which the target was missed, it decided not to take any further action on this occasion.

The regulator added mobile coverage is a “priority area” for it. It will carry out research into the quality of mobile reception and coverage, such as information on the number of dropped calls that consumers experience. It will publish new data around 3G and 4G mobile broadband performance in the spring.