EE profits from commuter Tube misery


EE experiences spike in 4G usage as millions of Londoners caught up in 48 hour London Underground strike action chaos 

EE has seen a spike in usage of its 4G network in London, as millions of disgruntled Londoners took to their phones during the recent 48-hour tube strike. 

As commuters battled long queues and the elements, the network operator claims that 12 per cent more Londoners used their 4GEE phones during rush hour on Wednesday morning (February 5).

Many passengers took to their feet to avoid the hoards waiting for buses which saw a 31 per cent increase in those using 4GEE to connect to Google Maps.

The release also stated that those ‘stuck on buses with little to do’ took to social media to pass the time. As a result, Twitter and Facebook usage saw increases of 14 and 8.5 percent respectively.